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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hydrating hair retaining Moisture!!

Hey Ladies,

I am coming to you to clear up a few things regarding moisture. I have met alot of naturals who have style products such as cremes and butters confused with retaining moisture. Style cremes and butters are great but the question regarding those products is what is the product doing for the hair. Alot of style products are simply what they are style products they either fight frizz or add hold. Now again usage for such reason as fighting frizz and adding hold are good but are you maintaining moisture this aids in keeping hair soft and strong.

Are you moisturizing? I have come to find many naturals like to co-wash that is simply washing with water and conditioner and then proceed to styling. You are on the right track but to retain moisture you have to go a step further and that is to seal into the follicle of your hair.

How do I seal moisture? One of the best ways to moisturize hair is with water in order to retain the the water it must be sealed. The chemistry with sealing is knowing that the water penetrates the hair but the oil locks it in. Have you ever seen oil in it liquid form and then when it cools it thickens. In sealing water into the hair follicle simply imagaine my previous example with the water being the liquid penetrating the hair follicle and the oil thickening over the strand to lock it in the hair follicle.

In learning the difference in using a style product to retain style and understanding how to retain moisture I have less breakage. My hair is always soft and my hair has great length and shine thanks to the oil!

One last thing it is always good to practice sealing in moisture with an oil that is light enough to penetrate the hair follicle and as many of you know I am a advocate what the benefits of Coconut oil.!!

Well ladies that is all for now so get to sealing and let me know how it works out for you!!

Your Naturally,


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