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Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's September A time for reflection***

Hey Ladies,

 I know it has been a while but I am coming to you with great reflection in the next few weeks I will be celebrating my one year Natural Versary!!!! It was this time last year I was contemplating going natural I had begun my research on the process of transitioning to natural. I had not full made my decision but I felt the pull heavily on my heart that this was going to be my next big change. It took weeks of watching videos and tutorials to actually decide this was the journey for me. I look at my hair now and I am amazed at the growth and progress of my hair so much has changed and I have learned and gained so much in this journey.

I never thought I could fall in love with my hair the way have I have. For me going natural was more than a hair style change it was a lifestyle change. I truly believe that when I decided to make this change my world change. I have been able to fully embrace my inner and outer beauty. It was through my big chop picture I met an awesome guy who keeps me smiling and who fully loves and accepts me naturally.

I encourage many women that I meet on a daily that being natural is so much fun. I truly believe naturals have way more fun!!! I have had so many of my friends make the big switch from relaxed to natural and now we sit and talk for hours and just swap stories.

Concluding I want to encourage those who are just embracing and beginning this journey don't give up it does take patience but you can never fail at learning just keep at it!!!

Yours Naturally,


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