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Monday, July 9, 2012

Practicing Celibacy (denying FLESH TO THE FULLEST) while waiting on "The One".... :-)

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Recently I took to my facebook page to post a status asking for topic suggestions and one of my facebook friends suggested the topic of celibacy and denying the flesh.  

What is Celibacy?Celibacy as defined by wikipedia is the state of being unmarried and not engaging in sexual intercourse or sexual activity until marriage.

I have to honestly say there are alot of reasons to be celibate reasons I think celibacy is a good thing to consider or practice.

Reasons to Practice Celibacy

1. If you are Christian it honors religious standards and Vows made by God.
2. You are protected from STDs and STI and things that could potentially cause great health,mental and physical harm to your body.

3. It adds value to a relationship by leaving one's partner to great expectation of the special moment it makes its special and memorable.

4. It saves on the emotional damage done by the engaging in sexual activity. Many engage in sexual and never realize that sex is the only way two people can connect on a physical level and its was a way to consummate a marriage and the forces behind the act are far stronger than imagined and when the practice is abused it can bring on pain and heart break.

5. It keeps you pure and free.

6. Its a win win win to practice celibacy because it helps preserve you internally and externally

I believe Celibacy protects and hold a relationships to a certain standard. Without sex involved two people are allowed to really connect and interact and truly make an unaltered decision on if they want to truly be together with out the lustful deceit of sexual activity creeping in to alter proper judgment. Today many relationships fail because sex comes into the mix two soon and the value of actually getting to know the person you are with for some has been or is out weighed by the desire to be sexually fulfilled. Many young girls are robbed of their innocence by engaging too soon with an individual who simply wanted to be fulfilled sexually. I agree we are sexual beings but we are also spiritual beings and that one must choose which force will have the greater strength. It use to be said too much of anything is bad but now days too little is just as bad. Because many are falling victim to the fatalities of a what is so suppose to be a act between man and wife has become for some a death sentence or a addiction.

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