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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Utilize the Benefits of your Hair!!!!

Hey Ladies,

As you know it has began to heat up outside and many are prepping for the summer heat. I am writing to encourage you to utilize the benefit of your natural hair and the wash and go technique to truly burn and gain.

In the last few weeks I have been working out as much as possible I have come to enjoy the freedom of burning the extra calories and working up a nice hot and steamy sweat. Back in my relaxed days I would be in a panic if my hair were to sweat. This would cause my new growth to go bananas.

I urge you to go ahead get healthy make it a point to get your daily workout on and now you have the freedom of doing so because when you hop in that shower you can simply treat yourself to a wash n go.

Again being natural has its benefits its liberating and freeing and in my case it has began to cause me to take on a better lifestyle!!!

Remember**** To Embrace all of you and that is in Mind, Body and Spirit**** As we are inspired and aspired to grow our natural tresses let us also shape and reshape our whole selves!!

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