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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pantene Relaxed and Natural Review**

Hey Ladies,

I am writing to you to inform you of a new secret well its not new but I just discovered it. So yesterday I colored my hair and along with the color kit came a tube of Pantene Pro V Relaxed and Natural conditioner. I was a little skeptical but I tried it and I must say this conditioner worked better than those I had stored in my beauty closet.

Results: My hair was easy to untangle and it was very soft and this was while the product was on my hair and even after I rinsed the product out I had soft and manageable hair.

My thoughts: I was unsure because it wasn't all natural but on this natural journey I am learning not all products that contain man made products or extra additives are bad. Alot of  products I used when my hair was relaxed helps to tame and control my natural curls and coils.

 Final thought: I most definitely will be using this product again because it works for me and it blended very well with my other products and allowed me to achieve a beautiful wash n go.

As one Naturalista once stated sometimes its simply what works for you!! Different Strokes for Different Folks but it has my go ahead I recommend it and the price is way easier on the pockets its now in stores for a small fee of $3.74 not bad huh?

Achieved Results:
1. Co-wash with this conditioner
2. lightly damped with the water mix i use which is simply (extra virgin olive oil, vegetable glycerin, lavender oil, rosemary oil and bottled water)
3. Add Giovanni direct leave in with a my hair
 4. Section hair off into big parts and add Eco-Gel
5. Add a little Kera Care silk n Seal mist to reduce frizz and fight humidity
6.  lightly pull and twist of my fingers on my hair achieve this look below

Well ladies until next time Be Bold!!! Be Beautiful!!! and Be Uniquely You!!

Yours Naturally

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