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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Do You Wear Makeup I like you better without it!!!

Hey Ladies have you ever been with your guy or perhaps dating a guy and he asked the question Why you wear makeup? And if so what was your initial response to his question?  Ok well here is my take when asked that question. I  wear makeup because its my hobby I was given my first compact at 16 and taught by a professional my mom lol! how to perfectly apply my makeup. I fully understand that it will not make me or break me but only enhance me. I recently read a blog where a young lady stated that she was 23 and had never been in a relationship she stated she has tried every thing from dressing up to applying heavy makeup and still no luck. The point is that no matter  if you are unattractive make up wont fix you it may hide a few dents and bruises but honey it wont fix you and that goes to say this is you love the glam of making up your face and its apart of your daily regime and who you are go ahead girl love it and do it because I will not be putting my compact or mascara down and if my man cant love that then well he knows what he can do and besides most men never know until you tell them I'm just saying continue to do you regardless in most cases I find that the one talking is not paying the cost to be the boss and if he is so what its your face make it up how you please and that just my take so why do I wear makeup its simple because I love it and its my hobby some people paint cars, some golf I love makeup and skin care there it is plain and simple. Hope this help!! Also ladies before I go know that its okay to be a little defiant my men have always known me to be the do what I want girl meaning even if they suggested or stated they didn't like a style or cut if I had made up in my mind it was cute and I wanted it I was still going to do it anyway its okay to be submissive sometimes but don't always be his little push over or door mat some days do what you feel make him work a little harder trust me in the long run you will be glad you did men like a woman who has her own mind and head on her shoulders. Just saying!

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