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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WEEK 3 Post Big Chop

Okay so its been three weeks and let me tell with each week there has been change but rapid growth the first week I noticed my scalp was really dry so I spent time working to build up moisture my first week I used Olive oil spray and Coconut oil spray because my hair was very short and I did not want to have the greasy look or over shiny look. I have to admit with short hair there are hazards like!!! BUMPING YOUR HEAD OUCH!! BE VERY CAREFUL I bumped my head like twice and one time really hard it was bleeding lol! Okay so week 1 consisted of a alot of itching and flaking of the scalp again I focused on Moisture and I decided that I should do a internal natural cleanse so I loaded up on Vitamins, organic and all natural juices and water lots of water this helps as well. Now Week two wow we are making progress I can almost pinch my hair but its shiny and still pretty low but the feed back from the cut has been amazing so many compliments. Ladies! I believe in all that you do wear your confidence trust me even with no hair it makes you look so much better and men love that lol! So again even though my hair is short I am still working on moisture and controlling this itching so i continued to oil my hair and I still Yes I Still sleep with my night scarf! Some may ask why well okay I will explain the cottons from our pillow cases and bed spreads are harsh and can collide with our hair to cause breakage and dryness so please continue to sleep with your night scarfs or satin pillow cases. Now we are in week three I have developed a hair routine !!! (my routine will be presented later)!!

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