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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Motivation and My Big Chop with No Transition!!

Recently I decided to take a new approach and new focus in my life I decided to go on a journey that since September 18,2011 I have immediately seen the impact of this Journey I decided to go where very few desire to go and that Journey was to go Natural. In going Natural I had to make a tough decision although the trend of most women who pursue going natural is to transition well considering the fact that I was already rocking short tresses I just figured transitioning wasn't for me so I decided after much deliberation I would chop all my relaxed hair off. WOW!! what a brave move I know!!! But my mind was made up and with that decision I made my appointment to have a friend cut it all off. Now before I went about this change I did check my head for surface wounds like dents and I had to verify that my head shape was okay lol! After I walked around my house for a few days with my hair pulled back I came to the conclusion that I am beautiful with hair and beautiful without hair I said to myself girl you are badd so I went to the barber shop and I encourage those who aspire to get their hair cut off make sure the environment is a cool and relaxing because if the person cutting your hair is not in full support for those who are still a bit nervous this could cause an instant change of mind. So after a few why questions and laughs the cut began it took about and hour because we wanted to ensure that it was cut with great precision. I also suggest the most feminine cut possible and I have to say I enjoyed my experience and my how hair grows I will be posting pics soon!!! Hope this helps!!

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