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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That feeling**

I have gone for years denying it I have even tried to run from it but yet the feeling comes and then it goes again. I have seen first hand the beauty of it and how it changes you, It has shown me that it has the power to make even the bitter taste sweet. I am convinced of its power this thing is very rare and unique in its own right the kind that is for me may differ from from your kind.

I wonder as I wait when will I get my dose questions develop and I ask have I missed my opportunity?

I am convinced that I have not but when it meets me I want to be ready I often wonder what will it look for, will it recognize me will I submit or will I run. The thing I am most ready to feel is genuine. Its value holds no means that money can buy it is priceless a timeless treasure.

I feel nervous at the thoughts of its arrival but I wait anticipating it. I can not say that I have experienced this before but I hope its all its said to be. Now that I write this I wonder am I ready to really face it? It I were met with this gift today would I embrace it? hmm I ponder and my answer is when will Love find me!!! Again I got that feeling......

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