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Friday, October 14, 2011

How do you see yourself In the I am State!!

Hello again today I am coming at you from a interesting stand point and that is how do you view yourself in the (I am) state I  have been reading this book title the Laws of Thinking and it has been very enlightening on certain subjects of how we think while reading this book the author posed four simple questions he suggested each reader ask oneself and the questions are: 1. Where did you come from? 2. Why are you here now? 3. Where are you going, 4.  Who am I ? I encourage each of you to take time out and ask your self these question and anyone who comes into your life and after carefully answering these question ask yourself am I living my best life? I have answered the question and I found my responses to be shocking and interesting i encourage you to participate in this exercise and please let me know how it goes!! So as a way to motivate you I will share my response to question number four.

Who Am I? I am Yaminah Stribling  a woman that was beautifully created,I am educated I am successful, I am strong,brave,and courageous. I am living the blessed life not perfect but I am looking to good for strength, I am divinely created and I am purpose driven, I am one who lives happy with peace and joy close by as friends, I am on a mission to succeed and please God while doing so, I am growing from where I was to the woman God wants me to be, I am a lover that loves hard and strong, I am a marriage minded indiviudal, I am a great wife to the husband I shall someday have, I am rich in Mind,Body, and Spirit, I am a friend to my friends, I am a great mother to the children I will someday bare, I am confident in  my abilities and very well poised I am sophistication at its finest, I am the child that God looks at and smiles big upon, I am favored by God, My name means a woman who worked among women of high places a princess among princess I am royalty. I am the queen of my thrown I am most of all a child of God created as a woman!!!

I hope you enjoy this let me know what you think!

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