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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The LIVE Transformation of Dawun-Jamaal

Arkansas' own Dawun-Jamaal, as you can see has made many different transformations and one of the main changes have been his hair. From a bald fade to braids and curls, afros, blonde and twist outs, he have done them all...and quite well might I add.

One of his most recent transformations is transforming some of his best live performances to an EP titled, THE Live. This 5 part collection of songs shows us a witty, stylistic, acrobatic, comedic, serious and well-spoken young man who has been taught through life and love how to emote his feelings through song. 
This compilation features two other major Arkansas acts, Kim Pettus and The No Name Band. The flare and funk that they add to THE Live heightens the mood. That darn Kim Pettus has a range and tone to her voice that is out of this world and The No Name Band is extremely distinct. Someone might even say candid. The chemistry the band has is evident.

During THE Live, Dawun-Jamaal does a magical cover to "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley with a very huge surprise merge of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" that vocally captivates you. Us over here at 
Curly Quest 2 Natural wholeheartedly support Dawun-Jamaal and we ask that you all do too. To find Dawu-Jamaal, simply google ItsDawunJamaal and you be directed right to his sites, video, music, etc.

Below are the places you can find THE Live and plenty more. ENJOY!!

Yours Naturally

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