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Monday, January 7, 2013

Playing With Safe Hair Color on Natural Hair!

Hey Ladies,

I am coming to with you with a short and sweet post on my recent exploration of using hair rinse. As most of you have noticed I have color on my hair. Recently, I started feeling an urge to play with some hair color. If you are like me and you feel like you may be in need of a new color play it safe and try a rinse first! Only if your interested in darkening your hair color.

So as I was saying! I recently decided to play with a rinse to see if I seriously wanted black hair. Posted below are pics of my temporary black hair fix lol! Tell me what you think it was so safe it washed out in two week but fun while it lasted!!

So if you wanna play with color and not worry about damage try out a rinses I prefer (KISS)  Colors but they are all safe ONLY!! if it says semi-permanent or rinse out color.

You can find these at your local hair stores for about 3.99!!

(Pics Below)
My 1st experience with using a rinse by KISS Colors to dye my hair 

My hair shingles and fro hawked after Rinsing with KISS Colors 

After My hair was rinsed with Darkest Brown to appear black by KISS Colors!! Totally washes out

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