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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In the Spirit of Celebration!!! Congrats To President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden!!!

Hey Ladies!!!

As you know last night was another big night in history for all Americans!! President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden won re elections!! I truly believe the American people stood up and backed the President I am so honored to have been here to see my very first two term African American President!!

I am so please I hope you all are out in the spirit of great celebration!! I want to encourage you all to stand behind the President and go out and hold your state representatives accountable for their actions!! In this next four years we need strong leaders who are for the people not against the President and the bettering of our Great Country!!

I urge you all to voice your opinions and as citizen pay attention to what our state representatives and senators are doing at the capitol.

I would like to make believers out of those who say we do not pay attention and care this time around we to ensure that these leaders are making the best decisions on behalf of the American people and if they fail to do so we need to take them out of office!!

The President need's a congress that is for the people and the best interest of America and Americans!!

Again I say Congrats!! To President Barack Hussein Obama out 44th President of the United States Of America!! I Salute you and I am standing behind you !!]

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