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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Confidence Is your Best Assessory!!!! (Wear It)

Hey Ladies,

I am writing you to speak on the topic of confidence. In today's society we constantly see images of beauty and how to be attractive but many fail to acknowledge and put special emphasis on exuding confidence.

Confidence defined- is having or showing assurance and self-reliance

Today you find many forms of beauty and ways to make our selves more appealing but what happens when you take away all the superficials items. I have discovered while on my natural journey that my confidence and ability to trust myself has been my best assessory. Many times a person with much confidence may not be the ideal candidate or even the best person for the job but because they had confidence and assured trust in one's ability they were given the opportunity or even looked upon as more favorable or attractive.

Many women today battle with the issue of being beautiful and ideal in the eye of our male counterparts. I have discovered that the most attractive asset in the eyes of a mature man is confidence. Many times I have found myself in situations where I had to go into a situation knowing that I looked my best and that I was just a great as my opponents.

I believe that Confidence is something that comes from within no one can give you this asset. Confidence is an ability to trust one's instinct and go out into the world giving your best and knowing that you are good enough.

Confidence is the ability to transfer your energy and set the thermostat or temperature in a place simply by showing up and being just who you are!!

Today ladies I want to encourage you to walk with your chest out, head up  and smile. Ladies do not be afraid to put on your best outfit, do your makeup, and dab some lip stick on for flair. Whatever you do I encourage you to think big and say to yourself  I am good enough and today I will set the pace the energy I give off is high and positive energy. When I walk into a room the temperature goes up!!

I hope this message encourages you and uplifts you today!!



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