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Friday, August 3, 2012

Foundations of an Olympian The gift of Sacrifice**

Hello All,

Recently we watched on the world stage a young lady by the name of Gabrielle Douglas compete for Gold medals and do something that has never been done by a African American female. Gabby Douglas competed with Team USA Women's Gymnastics Team and won her first Gold medal with TEAM USA. However to much more galore she also made it to the ALL Around Finals to compete for her own individual Gold Medal. Making history this young lady at the tender age of 16 is the first African American female to win two Gold medals for all around best Gymnastics in the world.

From the day Gabby set foot in London she has had fans cheering, praying and supporting her. Behind this young lady is a powerful story. Gabby was raised by a single mother of four who has worked hard to take care of her children and support them in their dreams!

Today I want to salute her mother and all the single mothers around the world who did what others have once looked down upon and that was step up and raise all star kids. I am giving honor to Gabby's mom because she has done this alone and she has managed to keep her family together. Raising one of the world's greatest gymnast was not always the joys of watching her being crowned the world's greatest gynast .  I commend her because I know when I look back over my life and all the high and lows and days of wanting to quit and give up on an endeavor it was my strong mother and grandmother who believed in me and saw the vision. I know that support system from which Gabby comes from I too have had the support of my mother and Grandmother and my sibling Xa which many times be it through encouraging words or acts of kinds gave me that push I needed when I didn't feel it or see in it in myself.

Today I salute Gabby,  her mom, and siblings for the love and support because it has shown to be a strength. And to0 many times the media and society fails to acknowledge the strength of the single mother her character and sacrifices. I know there are some who lack the characteristics but there are far too many that deserves all the honor and awards to be given when these mothers give up so much to see the dreams of their children full-filled. I felt a compelling pull to share my thoughts and feelings on this subject so today I honor all single mother's doing it and Gabby's Mom because through her the foundations of an Olympian was born through the gift of love and sacrifice I salute you!!

Go GABBY DOUGLAS (Douglas scrambles is USA GOLD)

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