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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Results from first Trim!!

Hey Ladies,

As you know last week I celebrated my 11 month natural hair anniversary since I big chopped September 18, 2011. I have to admit my hair has grown so much in that time span. I am so happy I made the big decision to go natural it has been a worthwhile journey.

Not only did I celebrate my 11 month natural versary but I decided to do my first trim. I must admit performing operation first trim had me kind of nervous. After watching many videos and comparing and contrasting trim techniques. I asked several of my natural hair icons about how they trim I was convinced this was something I could do.

It takes great confidence to first of all cut your hair and even more confidence to let someone else cut it especially if they are prone to getting scissor happy!! With the little knowledge that most stylist have on trimming natural hair I simply did not feel comfortable.  So again I said I can do this and I went to Sally's and purchased some hair trimming scissors and went to work.

Thing to remember: A trim is not a cut its just minimal snipping of bad ends. A cut is a precise chop with shears to obtain a desired style and shape of hair so there is a difference.

1. Before trimming my hair I washed and conditioned/detangled.
2. I then began at the back of my hair separating pieces of my hair from the nap and pulling hair straight down towards my neckline or shoulder .

3. I ran two fingers down to the ends of my hair and I snipped the very ends off and proceeded on to the next part of my head until I had reached my entire head.

Before trying this I suggest going to you tube or Curly to watch some videos to ensure proper execution.

My hair post trim!! Big Afro 

A Funky Pin up I did but look at my eyes!!

A nother Afro Shot Post trim

A wash in go style Post trim!!

But I am pleased and instantly my hair was revived and now I am rocking a twist out!!!!

Wash N Go Post trim Close up

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