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Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Time Trimming My Natural Hair!!

Hey Ladies,

As you know in a few days it will mark my 11 month natural hair anniversary and I want to treat my self to a trim. I know many hate to hear the world trim or even let the term roll of their tongue but it is that time. My reasoning is due to a recent wash day situation.

 So I washed and deep conditioned my hair and then proceeded to de tangle and chunky twist. I noticed I had quite a few loose ends that effected the ease of my detangling method at this point I am convinced its time I did a little ends trimming and dusting.

I have read that its completely safe to dust or trim your ends at least every 8 weeks or every couple of months. But one cannot simply just grab some scissors and trim away. You must first purchase some shears or scissors only made for hair trimming and only use them for hair trimming this will help prevent trimming with dull scissors which are known for splitting ends.

So I have made up in my mind that one day this week I am going to complete operation first trim.  There are several methods to trimming natural hair and I will be using the method of twist and snip. Twist and snip is when you twist your hair all over and snip the bad ends. Once I have thoroughly trimmed  I plan to detangle and style my hair and I will be observing for the next couple of weeks the effects of my trim with  regards to my ends and the ease of detangling my hair wish me luck ladies!!

 Also feel free to share your stories on how you trim your hair in its natural state.

As always its a pleasure sharing and providing my journey with you I hope you enjoy! Feel free to subscribe and follow my blog again I thank you for the love and support!


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