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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My 1st Feature-- Megan Revada's Story

Hey Ladies,

I come to you with a feature as you know I love sharing my story but I also want to share my friends and those who wish to have their stories shared on my blog .Today I present a near and dear friend of mine who recently big chopped here is her story! Welcome to the Natural Side Girl!

Hello My name is Megan Revada, I am  26 from Altheimer, AR.I currently work as an  Occupation family therapist. I decided to go natural because I was tired of using chemicals in my hair and I admired the healthiness of individuals with natural hair. Also admired the natural hair look. Witnessing a close friend and cousin do the big chop and go through the natural process motivated me to go ahead and join the natural family. I decided to take a different approach however. I decided to do the transitioning phase of going without a relaxer. I went without a relaxer for about 9 months. After 9 months I began to notice the length of my natural hair and was anxious to start wearing it. I chopped the rest of my relaxer off on July 28th and I must say, I am really loving my hair! I am so excited about the different hair styles that I can do and so anxious to do them all right away! I hope to continue this journey, allowing my hair to be healthy and grow, grow, grow. I am so excited about being a part of the natural family and have started to notice myself to paying more attention to other naturals. It's funny how I watched my close friend stop and talk to other naturals about their hair and I thought OMG come on and stop talking about your hair! Lol Now I see firsthand what it's like to be a part of the group. Thanks Yaminah!

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