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Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Month Post Big Chop Anniversary

Hey Ladies!!!!!

 Can you believe it  again that time has come its my Two Month Post Big Chop Natural Hair Anniversary I must say that I am very please with where I am two months later. I am reminded of my short fade and now I have two months of growth. I admire the texture and beautiful hair that has grown from my roots.

 In this two month journey I have discovered what works and what doesn't but I am enjoying the journey as I keep growing I am excited to say that my hair present to myself is a new product I plan to try out by Shea Moisture (Organic Raw Shea Butter) Deep Treatment Masque or leave In.

Ladies I feel that every month as I approach a hair anniversary I will debut a new product I am using or give reviews on a favorite product of the month.

 Ladies lets celebrate Do You Know What Today Is??? Its My 2month Natural Hair Anniversary all smiles here pics coming soon!!! As always ladies keep glowing and keep growing we will master this thing!!

Please tune in for more from Yaminah and my Natural Hair Journey!!!

Yours Naturally,

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