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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year New Trim!!

Hey Ladies,

 First I would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

In recent weeks I got my first major hair trim since going natural in 2011. After a year of being natural I felt it was time to go in for a trim. How could I tell it was time? It all started with a small desire to see my hair in its natural state. I got my hair straightened  my ends were a hot mess!!  Many  naturals opt to trim their hair themselves. I  tried trimming on my own but it appears my attempts did not give me the results I needed and were not as precise.  So I made an appoint with Nikki at regis Park Plaza mall  I went in for a cut.

Ladies remember it is better to have shorter and healthy strong hair than to have long fragile and brittering damaged hair. Many women get length crazy it matters most the health of my strands than the length even though I was still nervous about my trim.

( back to the topic lol)

To my surprise my hair was much longer than I had realized but oh those ends had to go!. I know there are many methods to straightening and trimming hair but I opted for the the wash, blow dry, and flat iron method to ensure that my hair was completely straight so that I might get the most precise time possible.

Many naturals prefer a even cut but I got my hair layered and trimmed to suit my style options. I must admit my hair has been a lot easier to manage with out those bad ends, knots and tangles.

Why in the hair salon I also discovered my hair has a new product crush! Yes I said it Product crush!!

Although a bit more pricey my hair loves Matrix Biolage Conditioning balm and leave in pure bliss for my natural curls!! Stayed tuned for a product reviews!!!

Pics coming soon of my big trim!! Before and After

Yours Naturally,


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