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Monday, October 15, 2012

Protein Treatment Review***

Hey Ladies,

I first would like to apologize for being away too long! I recently started a new job and the training and preparation has kept me away from my first love hair and beauty. But I am back and I plan to stay consistent from hence forth!!!!

Today I am reviewing a product I recently tried out. I decided to try out a Aphogee protein treatment recently you know the sticky stuff that makes your hair really hard. I had been hearing different stories about the benefit of protein treatment and the strength they can provide to color treated or process hair and even for colored natural like myself.

I was led to try this product due to shedding and what appeared to be dry and brittle ends. I know that being colored hair strands are broken down a bit by the color to allow the color to process and this causes hair to become dry and brittle.  So I had been moisturizing and trying everything but my ends still felt rough so I though I would give this protein a try!!

To my surprise I actually love the results and I instantly could tell a difference in my hair and ends. I was so afraid that I might have to do a a huge trim instead of routine dusting. But after the treament I saw that what appeared to be dry and brittle was still strong and resilient.

 Ladies with the approaching winter months I suggest trying a protein treatment especially if you have colored hair or any kind of chemical processing on your natural hair it will help protect and aid it against the dry wind and winter air. Again I have to say that I loved this product and I will be using it again soon!

It is not suggested to use this regularly because with anything thing too much can cause great damage or alter the results!! But good luck share your story!!

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